Toronto Bridal Makeup FAQs

You are bound to have questions about how our bridal makeup and hair services can help make your wedding day picture perfect. Find your answers here, or contact us directly anytime!

Common Bridal Hair and Makeup Questions
Why should I hire hair and makeup services as opposed to doing it myself?
Investing in professional makeup and hair services is as important as hiring a skilled wedding photographer. A great artist knows which beauty products and techniques to use so you look your absolute best in photos, videos and in person. They also know which products are best suited to your skin and hair type, and they’re up to date on the most current beauty trends and techniques.
Are you experienced with all ethnicities?
Yes! The Beauty Team provides expert beauty services for a broad range of ethnicities, skin types and hair types. Asian wedding makeup, Caucasian wedding makeup, wedding makeup for people of colour–whatever you require, The Beauty Team can deliver a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to meet your needs and enhance your natural beauty with the right products and techniques.
Will the makeup last all day?
Our professional makeup artists and stylists know all the tricks of the trade to set your wedding makeup so it lasts all day, even in the hot summer months. We use setting sprays, powders, blotting papers and water-resistant products, and we provide a touch-up kit to keep you looking fresh.
Is a bridal makeup trial mandatory?
Trials are not mandatory but encouraged. A trial gives your artist a chance to get to know you and your personal style. They’ll go over important details like your wedding theme, colours, dress style and flowers so they can create the perfect look for your wedding. A trial is also a great way to explore different looks, assess your skin type and make recommendations to ensure your skin looks flawless for your wedding day.
How do I ensure my date is secured with my artist(s)? Do you require a deposit?
To secure your artist(s) for your requested date, we require you to sign our contract and make a deposit of 50% of the total service charge either at your trial appointment or time of booking (if you’re opting out of the trial). The remaining balance is due 14 days before your wedding day unless otherwise discussed.
My skin is hyper sensitive. Do you have products that will work for me?
If you have allergies or sensitive skin, be sure to notify your makeup artist. For these clients, we use glo minerals (link to, a mineral makeup line preferred by dermatologists and leading skincare professionals worldwide, and recommended for people with sensitive skin. glo minerals makeup combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals, antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E and green tea extract to calm the skin. The products are free from chemical dyes, which are the main cause of makeup-related allergic reactions, and they contain mica instead of talc. The result is a clinically advanced makeup with unsurpassed coverage and protection from UV rays (broad spectrum) and free radicals.
Would you suggest temporary eyelashes for my wedding and is there an additional fee?
Adding eyelashes to your bridal makeup is totally up to you. If you haven’t worn them before, we suggest testing them out at your trial to see how you like them. Full set or individual lashes are included for the bride. Individual lashes are included for bridesmaids, but full sets are an additional $10 for each person. You are also welcome to purchase your own eyelashes and we can apply them for you. If you are allergic to latex, which is an ingredient in most eyelash glues, please inform us and we will bring our latex-free glue for your application.
How do you decide which artists are best suited for me?
We encourage you to send us as much information as possible to help us match you with the perfect artist for your needs. Sending us reference pictures and other details helps us select an artist that matches your personal style.
Do you offer airbrush bridal makeup?
Airbrush makeup is available upon request for an additional $30 per person. These services require an airbrush specialist, so be sure to request their services at booking. In some cases we advise against airbrush makeup as it can accentuate dryness in the skin. Note that all of our artists are highly skilled and capable of blending makeup to produce a similar and often more flattering effect than airbrush makeup.
What are your travel fees?
There is no extra travel charge for mobile hair and makeup services within 35km of your artist’s location. We charge $0.55 per km over and above 35km. If parking fees are incurred at your location, those will also be added to your bill.
How do you keep your tools and products clean?
Hygiene is extremely important to us, and we ensure all of our tools have been thoroughly cleaned before using them. We use disposable mascara wands and palettes instead of applying products directly out of their containers. We sanitize all of our tools between clients using professional-grade, 99% alcohol brush cleaner.