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#TheJustMarriedJacket with Via Calligraphy

November 7, 2019

Earlier this fall, our beautiful bridal client Stephanie was one of the lucky ladies who got to wear #TheJustMarriedJacket on her wedding day. During her bridal beauty prep with The Beauty Team, Stephanie shared a bit of the story behind the jacket and we loved the whole idea behind it. It’s like a sisterhood of the travelling pants kind of thing that makes an already special day extra special. So naturally we had to find out more! We reached out to Sylvia of Via Calligraphy about the accidental viral project that’s gone international. Find out more about#TheJustMarriedJacket in our Q&A below:

Makeup by Victoria Photo by Jenn Kavanagh

How did you come up with the idea?

In June 2016, when I was getting married, I decided to obsess over painting “Just Married” on the back of my favourite leather jacket. Even though it was an intimate wedding with only 8 guests at city hall, I just wanted an edgy detailed that really was distinctly my own style. The jacket was a hit and I got to be that cool Toronto bride walking down the street. Only a week after that day, I decided that I didn’t want it to sit in my closet and collect dust, so I posted it up on a Toronto wedding trading group. The group didn’t allow for money to be exchanged so I just posted it and asked for a bottle of red wine. The responses were overwhelming and I realized in that moment that every bride asking to rent it actually had a different wedding date. So I kept it for myself and began renting it out every week for just a bottle of red wine. #TheJustMarriedJacket was born organically.

Photo of Sylvia on her Wedding Day

What is your favourite story from a bride about her experience with the jacket?

One of my early renters, Jordana, was looking for something special to represent her dad in her wedding. He had passed away from cancer and he was an avid motorcycle rider. Jordana came upon the project close to when I just started, it felt like it was fate! My dad and father in law are motorcycle riders as well, so it was a sweet connection all around.

Another fun experience was meeting Rima. I had messed up her pickup and she wasn’t able to come get it with how things worked out; feeling really bad for my own mishap, I wanted to get it to her personally. The only time that worked was during her Mehandi party… so me, a complete stranger, went to one of her intimate pre-wedding celebrations. Her family was so welcoming, it was an experience I won’t forget!

What’s the booking process for the jacket and how far ahead should brides expect to book it?

Nowadays brides can go to and check the calendar for availability. If it’s free, get in touch through the form on that page and I send details for pickup and drop-off. Brides only get it from Wednesday to Tuesday of the week of their wedding in exchange for just a bottle of red wine (and some photos and their story for my blog!)

Right now most of high season is booked for 2020, and there are some eager brides booking about 2 to 3 years into the future!

Makeup by Victoria Hair by Cayley Photo by Jenn Kavanagh

How many brides have got to experience “The Just Married Jacket”? 

As of October 26, 2019, 119 Toronto brides have worn #TheJustMarriedJacket, which is my original wedding leather jacket.

Since all of the press it’s received, I began to get requests in other cities as well, so I’ve partnered with the most talented and wonderful calligraphy artists around the world who share my values of community over competition. Each one of them has created their own version of the leather jacket and they run their independent chapters in their own cities. We have ones in MontrealOttawaEdmontonVancouverNew York CityDCChicagoSacramentoDenverBaltimoreOahuLondon, and Hong Kong. And cumulatively I’m sure there’s over 500 brides that are now connected through this project!

Makeup by Victoria Hair by Cayley Photo by Jenn Kavanagh

Do you offer custom pieces through your calligraphy business? 

The main service I offer are Calligraphy Classes in Toronto and Event Calligraphy for Brands. And yes! I offer custom painted leather jackets as well now. The only exception is that I will never paint “Just Married” on any more to make sure that I keep the one that’s being shared in the project special for everyone who has participated. It’s all about the story that connects us all and I do everything I can to protect it for the beautiful people who were a part of it.

If you’re a bride-to-be and want to be snapped in the infamous jacket or have your very own created, be sure to get on that list and grab a good bottle of red ASAP!

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