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KISS Nails beauty blogger event

November 10, 2014

Last Monday’s KISS beauty blogger event, put together by ROI relations was a lot of fun! Our nail techs applied KISS and imPRESS nails and trendy nail art to beauty bloggers that attended the event.

New York based Celebrity/Editorial manicurist, Gina Edwards (@ginaedwards10), is the creative mind behind the products, She was there hosting the event, sharing a few pro nail tips and meeting with everyone. She is lovely and was so fun to work with. thebeautyteam_events.jpg
KISS just launched a gel based nail glue that is amazing for applying their nail art. No more slippery glue with your crystals sliding off your nail before they are set! Finally a product that brings ease to salon styles that can be applied in the comfort of your own home.

The most popular were the imPRESS self adhesive nails in turquoise . They are super shiny but no sparkle and the accent nails have a great black, red and white pattern on them.



My favourite were the imPRESS self adhesive nails in Coral. They also come with sparkle and accent nails so you can use them in different combinations.



Always prep your nails correctly using the prep pad (included in kit) to clean the nail bed before applying the false nails.  This will ensure proper adhesion and prolong wear.



The new KISS french manicure was also a popular choice.  The classic nail style requires glue to apply and like gels, they need to be soaked off for removal. All the nail sets come in different shapes and sizes so they fit any nail bed, plus they are a great base to add nail art!

KISS and imPRESS nail products are available at Walmart and Target stores.  If you’re a nail art fanatic, be sure to check out these new styles coming soon to a store near you!




Nail Tech * Hair * Makeup  for The Beauty Team

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