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5 steps to the best brows – à la Cara Delevingne

September 5, 2013

Let’s face it, we all swoon for brows like Supermodel Cara Delevingne. Eyebrows shape your eye makeup, bring out your eye colour and add that extra ‘pop’  to any eye shape. As Makeup Artists, we are often asked: What is the best way to create the perfect eyebrow!?


The following are our 5 tips and tricks that will get you that celeb worthy brow in no time!

1.)  SHAPE. First lets make sure your eyebrows start, arch and end at the right spots. Hold a slanted eyebrow brush (or a pencil, anything straight) from the side of your nose straight up. This is where your eyebrow should begin. For the Arch, hold the brush from the side of the nose to the end of the iris, this is where your eyebrow should arch. Last, hold your brush from the side of the nose to the end of the eye, and this is where the eyebrow should end. If your eyebrow is short or thin in any of these areas, lets fix it to look fuller and longer! If you need to tweeze get your tweezerman tweezers out but don’t go overboard!


2.) TOOLS and COLOUR. Now depending on how much ‘work’ your eyebrows need depends on what tool or eyebrow makeup you will use. If your eyebrow is full and the shape is good, you can get away with using a slanted eyebrow brush. Make sure the  brush isn’t too thin – the thinner, denser brushes make the eyebrows look too harsh. If you do accidentally apply too much product to your brows a great way to tone it down is to use either a clean mascara wand or a brush with a grooming spool on the opposite end.  A great eyebrow brush with a grooming spool on the other end is Lise Watier’s , retailing for CA$18.00  at many Shopper Drug Mart stores.


Eyebrow colour is very important. There are many eyebrow shadows out there that are too red or orange and unatural looking for most people. Here are some great eyebrow shadows with great undertones:

Try Glominerals brow powder duos.  For brunettes use ‘Brown’, for blondes use ‘Taupe’, for  auburn hair tones try ‘Auburn’ and for strawberry blondes try Glominerals ‘Blonde’ brow powder duo.  This brand has great tones for a true natural looking eyebrow.


Another favourite of ours is Yaby’s brow powder a great choice, vegan friendly and perfectly pigmented for all brow shades – even red-heads! Best of all it’s compact and budget friendly – only $5.45 per colour! An essential in any Makeup Artist’s brow grooming kit.


3.  PENCIL –   Next, if your eyebrows need a lot of ‘filling’ and powder may not do the trick we recommend either using a thin eyebrow pencil with a good tone.

Try using Dior’s Universal Brow pencil.

What it is:
Dior’s backstage inspired, ultra-fine precision brow pencil.

What it does:
This ultra-fine retractable pencil and brush provide simple and quick brow shaping. One universal shade works for any hair color or skintone for easily filling in and defining brows, creating a natural and polished or daring and dramatic look.

What else you need to know:
The retractable pencil does not require sharpening. The brush on the opposite side neatly sweeps brow hairs into place.


4.  WAX – Or a wax with an eyebrow shadow on top. These measures will keep your eyebrows looking full and in place even if they are not. We love Smashbox brow tech trio

What it is:

An innovative powder and wax trio that combines everything you need for perfectly polished brows.


 5.)  FINISH THE LOOK. Lastly, there is a trick to make your brows last longer and look naturel and that is to set them LIGHTLY with a true mineral translucent or foundation powder (make sure there is no talc in the powder or it will make the eyebrows look ashy!). Lightly dip your kabuki brush or powder brush into your product and add it on top of your brows. A true mineral powder, like Glominerals will melt the brow colour into the skin for an ever-so-soft look.  SKIP THIS STEP IF YOU HAVE USED WAX OR PENCIL ON THE BROW AS THE POWDER MAY STICK TOO MUCH TO THE BROW.

Pair these tips with a bold berry lip and you’re officially ‘brow’ ready for fall!

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