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Wake Up Radiant with Carly Woods Overnight Beauty Secrets

July 14, 2014

Carly Woods, writer for HSN online, believes that “we generally fall into two categories; those who have managed 8 hours of sleep a night and those who haven’t. For the ones who haven’t, they consequently have to do a darn good job faking it.” Sleep is key in everyone’s skincare routine, so pack in the proper amount of z’s for healthier skin!

She recommends 4 overnight beauty products that should be a part of your overnight regimen including a good facial serum, oil for hydration, a great moisturizer, and a wrinkle reducing eye cream. To read further about these overnight products, check out Carly’s article at HSN online here.

In the same spirit, we rounded some additional beauty fixes that will have you saying goodbye to tired looking skin, and hello to younger-looking luminous skin by morning. After all, it is called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason!

1. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Eye Cream

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Apply a little bit of these products on the face and around the eyes every night. They have essential oils that help to improve the youthful appearance of skin around the eyes and also work to strengthen and replenish the skin. Making this a part of your beauty regimen has many beauty benefits, including diminishing the appearance of fine lines and reducing puffiness and dark under-eye circles.

2. Glo Therapeutics Brightening Polish & Conditioning Hydration Cream

GloMinerals, GloProfessional, Skincare, Brightening Polish, Overnight Routine

To brighten and hydrate your skin, use GloMinerals Brightening Polish & Hydration Cream together 2-3 times a week. Before hitting the hay, massage a small amount of the brightening polish onto clean skin. Remove the product after 5-10 minutes. It brightens and refreshes skin by removing dead skin cells. This product includes Turmeric Extract which contains curcuminoids, which are phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and healing effects.

3. Glo Therapeutics Conditioning Hydration Cream.

GloMinerals, GloProfessional, GloTherapeutics, Conditioning Hydration Cream, Skincare, Overnight Routine, Face Cream

After cleansing and toning, layer on this conditioning hydration cream to hydrate, strengthen, & rejuvenate skin overnight. Layer over one of the glo therapeutics serums for additional treatment benefits. This will infuse the skin with moisturizing ingredients that are rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this daily as well.

Active Ingredients:

Alpha Lipoic Acid – potent antioxidant that defends against free radicals

Collagen – helps physically support skin and enhance elasticity

Soy Isoflavones – antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties that help protect against environmental stressors.

4. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea, Skincare

Drinking peppermint tea before going to bed has many beauty benefits. This way, you are attacking your skin from the inside out! It has anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to lowering the secretion of oil, it helps with excess oil and reveals flawless skin overnight. (The menthol in the tea has a magical effect on oily and pimple-prone skin, it helps get rid of acne and skin blemishes). So drink up before bed, or even during the day!

#BeautyNote: Peppermint AKA mint tea is a great stimulator for your scalp and promotes hair growth. So , if you are worried about the health of your hair, consider treating it the peppermint way!

5. Re-position & Prop it up

Sleeping Position

Sleep flat on your back with your pillow slightly elevated, for the best beauty sleep results. It helps to drain fluids and keep your face (especially the eyes) from looking puffy the next morning. An extra pillow should do the trick. It works wonders!

6. Soften your skin from head to toe

Vaseline, Petroleum Jelly, Overnight Routine, Skincare, Multipurpose

While in “la la land” apply Vaseline to the soles of your feet and put on socks before you sleep. This overnight pampering trick will have you waking up to soft soles that are ready for a long day’s work in beautiful stilettos, pumps, & all the others that you love so much! Don’t hesitate to rub some Vaseline on your hands and your lips to hydrate those areas as well! This product is tried, trusted, and true. It has been around for a long time for a reason!

#BeautyNote: HSN has re-vamped their skincare page, and we must say that we love it! From skincare tips for choosing products for every skin type to facial treatments to cleansers and more, get all the information you need to put your ‘flawless’ face forward here.

What does your night time skin ritual involve? We would love to know!

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